Schlitteda Engiadinaisa

Schlitteda Engiadinaisa
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Schlitteda Engiadinaisa

In the world, where everything has become so easy reachable and it seems that people cannot see fun in things they used to have fun, old traditions have become boring and simple things are no more appreciated. But more time passes, more we realize that the old values are coming back and are considered as even something luxury. So, in Switzerland old values are truly appreciated, every year around the winter time in Engadine St Moritz there is Schlitteda Engiadinaisa going on, it's an entertainment for anyone who dreams of sleighing through wintry landscapes the old fashion way.

All the locals of the town dig out their old sleighs , traditional clothes, looking for a great horse and the fun can start, just as the old times one, this custom dates back to the days when the only way of getting around in winter was on a horse-drawn sleigh. The only transportations was sleigh, to get to the closest town, going to the wedding or funeral, there was no other way, and in somehow people miss that, even if it's more complicated and maybe not that comfortable when it's cold...but there is such a romance in all that, you cannot imagine.

Switzerland has beautiful, breathtaking landscapes, and all wrapped in snow, seems like a real fairy tale . On the day of the procession, a fortunate or maybe not that fortunate, woman is picked up by each of the riders, and in order not to fall off the sleigh when the young bucks are dashing through the snow, clings tightly to her driver's back. People are wearing colourful clothes and they just love to don at the "Schlitteda Engiadinaisa" these days. Believe it or not the Schlitteda is very old tradition, taken very serious by locals of the Engadine.

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